What Makes A Great Business Gift?

A great business gift lets your clients know that their are appreciates, and helps cement your business relationships. The best client gifts take your clients’ personal interests into account, and impresses them with your thoughtfulness and sincerity. While giving client gifts during the holiday season is a must, you’ll find that your clients will appreciate them any time of year.

Here are a few characteristics of a great business gift and a couple of perks for giving them.

What makes a great business gift?

  1. It is something that they will actually use.
  2. It should show them that you pay attention to their interests.
  3. It reminds them of you!

Perks for gift giving in business.

  1. The Internal Revenue Service allows a tax deduction of up to $25 for each business gift you give.
  2. A unique gift sets you apart from competitors and raises your public profile.
  3. Giving gifts to Employees is important in terms of keeping your business running like a well oiled machine.

A Great Golf Business GiftIf your boss, employees or clients are golfers, please take a moment to read the few points below about a business golf ball of the month plan from Birdie Life.

  1. All golfers need golf balls. Not everyone needs another letter opener or paperweight.
  2. Most golfers are passionate about the sport and like to talk about their game. A golf ball of the month plan is a conversation starter.
  3. Your boss, employee or client will be reminded of you during the 1st week of every month for the duration of your gift plan – We will even include a personalized note in every delivery with your name and contact information.
  4. There is no charge for shipping and the 1st delivery comes with a free golf towel and every delivery comes with tees.

If you have any questions regarding our plans, please check out the FAQs on Birdie-life.com and if you would like to view our business golf gift plans, click here.

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