Family Golf

Golf is a great way to spend time with friends & a way to spend time and butter up important clients. It is also a great way to spend an entire afternoon with the people who are most important to you… your family. Here are a few suggestions that can ease the learning process and get everyone involved.

Go to a range — The driving range offers is a no-pressure place for the family to get comfortable with the sport. Everyone can play at their own pace and enjoy talking to each other as a way to build confidence. Be sure to pay attention to everyone attending and encourage the family to have fun.

Find an instructor — It might be easier for your family (and for you) if they initially take instruction from a professional. Let’s face it, if you have kids you know the last person they want to hear telling them what to do over and over is Mom or Dad.

Pick a family friendly course — The best place to start is a pitch and putt course. These courses usually consist of nine holes, many of which only require a 9-iron, a wedge and a putter to play. By shortening the time and distance of the first round, it will lessen the frustration of your children as they are beginning to learn the game.

Attend a local golf event — The next time a pro tour comes to your town, take them to see a round so that you can experience it together. Nothing is more inspiring to a golfer than seeing the very best players play at an elite level. This will give you an opportunity to help explain the rules to them as well as how to develop strategies to play a hole. Even watching a round on television will allow you the opportunity to coach them in addition to developing a wonderful hobby together.

Golfing with your family can greatly enhance your love for the game. There are many golf gadgets and gifts out there that can bring even more joy to the golfing experience. Birdie-Life Golf Ball of the Month Club is a great gift that your golfer will enjoy for months.

Here is how it works:
Select your plan — There is a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plan. You can select a plan that delivers a sleeve of balls a month or a full box.

Write a personal message
— Make it fun and personal. Whether it’s for Father’s Day, Christmas or a Birthday, make sure to tell them how much you care and wish them luck!

Your golfer receives their 1st delivery
— Shipping is free and the 1st delivery comes with a complimentary golf towel, a bundle of tees and your personalized “Welcome To The Club” message. Every delivery thereafter comes with a new brand of top-of-the-line golf balls and more tees.

Learn more about Birdie-Life Golf Ball Of The Month

Enjoy time with your family and hit ‘em straight!

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