The Importance of a Fathers Day Gift

Many years ago Father’s Day was a day to spend a little time with Dad and perhaps give him a tie or small token of recognition. This was before Moms had to go to work and the job of parenting was more of a Mommy thing. Speaking from personal experience those days are long gone and Dads have had to become more hands on and involved with the cooking of meals, picking up and dropping of at school events and even potty training.

Golf Gift

This Year Try Birdie-Life

Department stores, online realtors and the media have picked up on this too and as a result we are inundated with gift ideas that are more often than not recycled year after year. Choosing a gift is usually not very easy. We don’t want to get Dad a present that will get pushed into the closet or not represent how much we appreciate him. That is why thinking ahead and planning is important. Life is about passions and in my family golf has always been a past time that brings the family together. As many of us know golf can also become an obsession, so choosing a golf gift should not be taken lightly. Sure, there are shirts, gift certificates and trinkets and they are all things you can hand to Dad on Father’s Day. We feel that a great gift would be not only something he will actually use, but also something that has longevity. That is why Birdie Life is a perfect gift. Birdie Life is a golf ball of the month club which means every month for the duration of the plan Dad will receive a different sleeve or box of brand new, high quality golf balls. As a golfer I can honestly say that I like trying out new golf balls and to receive a different brand of balls every month presents an opportunity to do just that. We even send a golf towel with the first shipment and a bundle of tees with even shipment.

So get your father a gift this year, and show him that you really do care about him and that you really do love him. You’ll be glad that you did. Use coupon code “Dad” and we’ll shave 10% off the price. Click here to see our plans.

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