Top Things to Remember when Giving a Corporate Gift

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As the CEO of a small business, one of your main concerns is ensuring your employees know they feel appreciated. Aside from the frequent verbal praise you hopefully provide, the occasional gift can go a long way to making an employee feel valued.

Yes, you probably have a small office with a few coworkers if you’re just starting out but there will be a birthday, anniversary, or some extraordinary job done where gift giving is going to be expected. Giving a gift in the workplace can sometimes be tricky, but follow these simple rules to make sure your gift leaves a happy employee.

Get your budget in line.

Even if you’re giving a gift to a family member or friend, how much to spend is always one of the hardest things to figure out, and it’s even more difficult when coworkers are involved.

Always consider the reason of the gift. If you’re congratulating someone on a job well done, a $15 American Express gift card may be fine. If you’re celebrating a promotion or engagement, something a little more substantial may be appropriate.

Conduct research.

Before you do anything at your company, it’s either tested or researched thoroughly, right?  In the same way, think about the person who you’re giving the gift, too and make sure you won’t give them anything that will offend them.

Examine their desk and see how they have it decorated.  You should be able to find something that fits within their idea of a great gift. Are they fanatics about a sports team? Do they Starbucks on their desk every morning? Even though the best gifts come from the heart, remember that it’s okay to ask for help if you can’t figure out a great gift.

Gift for special occasions.

As the CEO, you’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to give gifts to employees on special occasions. Whether you’re buying flowers for Secretary’s Day or get well soon gifts for a co-worker, it’s much easier to match a gift to the occasion than to buy one blindly.

Attach a handwritten note.

It’s easy to shoot off an email or copy and paste a typewritten note into a custom electronic card, but a handwritten note will make a much stronger impression.  Remember one important thing about the person to whom you are writing and mention it in the note for maximum effect.

Deliver the gift personally.

Assuming your office and the gifts are small enough, deliver each gift you have purchased to each individual personally.  Much like the handwritten note, it will create a much stronger impression when your gift is delivered in person. Plus, you can also use this time to catch up briefly with each of your employees.


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