About Birdie Life

Living the Birdie Life!

Three buddies are hanging out at the 19th hole after a round of golf. We begin discussing what the perfect gift would be for the golfer who has everything. We thought about all the cheap plastic gadgets that never see the light of day, the closet full of ugly golf shirts and sweaters we’ve accumulated over the years and we thought there has to be something out there that would not only get used, but also be appreciated over a long period of time.

That’s how Birdie-Life was hatched! Our gift ideas for golfers incorporate only top of the line products at great prices. No cheap items, seconds or used ones – ever.

What is the Birdie-Life?

Birdie-Life is that feeling you get when you walk up to the first tee. The worries of the world seem to fade away as you begin a round of golf with your pals and you can’t help but smile and feel good. That’s the Birdie-Life.

They Make Great Business Gifts Too

There is not a better way to have a boss, client or associate think of you once a month than Birdie-Life. They receive a handsome box of premium golf balls and tees every month as well as a Birdie-Life golf towel with your first shipment. We’ll even include a personalized message with your corporate logo. It’s easy, affordable and the best form of appreciation a golfer could get!

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