What is a Golf Ball of the Month Gift Plan?

Simply put, if you know a golf enthusiast, chances are they have a closet full of golf shirts and shorts. They probably have all their favorite clubs and gear. The one thing that golfers always need is golf balls. What we offer are gift plans that give your favorite golfer the gift that lets them play a different brand-name golf ball every month for the duration of the “Golf Ball Gift Plan” you choose.

Currently we offer six different “Golf Ball Gift Plan” levels. We only use top of the line golf ball brands for our gift plans – no cheap brands, no seconds, no used ones – ever. Along with brand-new, top-of-the-line golf balls we include a free Birdie-Life golf towel with the first shipment and tees for the duration of the selected plan. We also enclosed is a “Welcome to the Club!” gift message that you will have an opportunity to customize for that personal touch.

Check out our Web site to learn more and shop for golf ball of the month plans.

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