Callaway HEX Chrome Review

This guy does a pretty good job of giving a detailed review of the latest balls to hit the course.

Earlier, I wrote a review involving the Callaway HEX Black Tour.  I thought that it would be only appropriate to do the same with the Black’s sister release. The Callaway HEX Chrome. The difference between the HEX Black Tour and the HEX Chrome is that Chrome is “only” a 3-piece ball. Remember when a 3-piece golf ball was Earth shattering. One of the other differences is that the HEX Chrome is geared towards moderate swing speeds. So my testing would be interesting just from the standpoint that it’s a bit faster than moderate. Callaway’s new line of golf balls has received a lot of fanfare but the Black has garnered more of the attention. Not like the HEX Chrome is the ugly step-sister. Truthfully, I was more intrigued for whatever reason with the HEX Chrome than the HEX Black Tour. I was merely just another golfer awaiting the release of the HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome. There was a lot said regarding the balls and I was intrigued. Especially all of the talk of huge distance gains.

I took a sleeve of HEX Chrome to Florida and started comparisons between it and my 2011 ball the Callaway Tour i(z). My testing would continue up north when I returned home to Niagara Falls. These are the results that I have discovered through numerous rounds of comparisons. When I say rounds… these weren’t scoring rounds but rounds where I worked on every facet of the game. This included tee shots (driver and irons), approach shots from a wide range of distances and lies, short game work (including bunker play) and putting.

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