Tiger Wood’s Most Important Masters

Tiger Woods tees off in less then 24 hours in what will be the most important Master’s of his career.

Sports has become so dramatic. Every shot is amazing, every defeat is crushing. The hyperbole is almost unbearable. It is rare thing that you can actually sit back and feel the moment, drowned out in the 24/7 sports cycle.

The 2013 Masters should be one of those moments. Tiger Woods is the most important athlete of the last twenty years. He still is the person that other A list athletes want to talk to when he enters a room. He still draws an incomparable crowd. No one has replaced the Tiger roar .

For the past four years Tiger has been playing out of bounds, struggling personally and professionally. He has looked the part so far this year, but the only thing that will truly return to what he once was is another green jacket.

It’s time to get that ball back in play

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