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Tiger Woods Cheat….Again

Check out this from Rant Sports:

Tiger Woods in is in hot water yet again. In April, Tiger was hit with a two-stroke penalty at the Masters for a violation that basically came down to how he dropped the ball after it bounced into the water on the 15th hole.
Fast forward to the present, and Tiger is experiencing some deja vu. On the 14th hole this past Sunday at the Players Championship, Woods’ tee shot was hit into the water. There, according to USGA Rule 26, he had three options:
Play as close as possible to the ball’s original shot location; drop the ball behind the water hazard, between the hole and the drop spot; or play at the point where the ball crossed over the margin of the water hazard.
After taking the customary one-stroke penalty, he dropped the ball where it crossed over into the water, which was about 250 yards down the fairway.
According to a replay from an overhead blimp, this appeared to be an improperly dropped ball. Again.
But within moments, the would-be controversy was smothered, as the drop spot was determined by Tiger and his playing partner, Casey Wittenberg. Because Wittenberg agreed on the spot, Tiger was saved from Rule 26, the two-stroke penalty, the possible incorrect scorecard, and ultimately a forfeit of the win.
Tiger does not have a reputation of a cheater… ell, at least when it comes to golf. Sorry, couldn’t resist! But what do you think? Did Tiger get away with this one? Let us know by commenting below!
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